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Solid wood


Upholstery and Cushions

Foam cold injected in the mould
Feather cushion
Covers in aniline leather



105 x 87 h. 69 cm   h seat 45 cm

depth seat 52 cm  h backrest 45 cm 

h armrest 67 cm  th. armrest 24 cm

COD Version Price  
4001-AN Aniline leather 1010,00 € + IVA
4001-ANT Antique leather 1090,00 € + IVA



Theorically, all the objects around have an author, thogh we rarely know their name. And yet some anonymous pieces of design win us over because important designer-furniture often bears rhe same basic characteristics, impalpable  but precise: a harmony ... read more


  • Leather
  • Aged leather


Aniline leather

Aniline leatherAniline leatherAniline leatherAniline leatherAniline leatherAniline leatherView full color list

Mid-grain leather

Mid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherView full color list

Contract leather

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Aged leather

Aged leatherAged leatherAged leatherAged leatherAged leatherAged leatherView full color list