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Black, walnut or cherry lacquered ash wood



40 density foam.

Cover in leather or fabric



47 x 45 h. 106 cm  h seat 42,5 cm

h backrest h 62 cm dept  seat 41 cm



Three version of this chair exist, all realised for the White Room and the Cloister Room in the Ingram Street  tea-rooms. Here, the three versions shared a common lower section, but had different heights for the backrest. Most of the pieces used in the tea-room were of this medium-height  version.
COD Version Price  
1020/B-ST Fabric 220,00 € + IVA
1020/B-PE Leather 230,00 € + IVA


Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Fourteen completed building designs and a series of inyerirs. Despite his some what scarce output, Mackintosh was one of the most original and inflential creators in turn-of-the-century design. After studyng at the Glasgow School, he worked as a graphic ... read more


  • Wood 3
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Foam


Aniline leather

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Mid-grain leather

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Contract leather

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Wood 3

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