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base in crystal glass, tubolar glass column, globe in blown opal glass



cm 16 x 41



The cause of a violent despite between  Wagenfeld and Karl Jucker, this piece is still a landmark design in industrial mark manufacture. The two designers had worked on perfecting the prototype at the Bauhaus metawork., but later both claimed paternity for the design. At the  end of the 1960s, as interest in prewar design increased, Jucker produced a slightly modified version , while Wagenfeld continued to market the philologically exact original.
COD Version Price  
1039 Opal glass 130,00 € + IVA


Whilhelm Wagenfeld

Wagenfeld's career and work testify to his origins as a craftsman. In a way, he is the archetype of modern artisan who menaged to fit in with the industrial system. Not surprisingly his name is closely linked to the Bauhaus in Weimar.Wagenfeld studied ... read more