By making the most of our 20 years of experience in the field, IBFOR products reach unrivaled aesthetic standards. Many of our products are manufactured by hand, using the skills that we have developed over the years working with leading experts in the furniture industry. Here is a list of some of the special features of our processing techniques, to give you some idea of how much work goes into the furniture we make:

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The frames are made from steel that has been chrome-plated to 35 microns, rather than the more common stainless steel. The bases of the sofas are fixed to the frames using screws, rather than being welded on. Elastic nylon belts (5 cm wide) are stretched across the frames. The base of the chaise longue is painted matt black, and the cross-pieces - which are coated in a special non-skid rubber - are assembled using 12 screws (6 per cross-piece). The "cradle" is formed by 35 elastic belts, each 3 cm wide but of different lengths depending on the particular span they are required to cover. The hooks of the belts attach to holes that have been specially drilled, thus avoiding any trace of the dents that are all too common when the holes are created using punches or other systems.

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The cushions of our Le Corbusier sofas are filled with non-deformable IFD 40 foam, whereas our other seating furniture (armchair 76, sofa 130 and sofa 180) is filled with feathers, which provide excellent resistance to deformation over time. For the same reason, the headrest of the chaise longue is also filled with feathers. All of the black leather cushions (including those on the sofas and chairs, as well as the mattresses of the beds and of the chaise longue) feature high-quality leather edging. Many other manufacturers, banking on customers' inability to recognize real leather on such small details as the edges, decide to use crosta or fake leather. In contrast, we always use the same type of leather as used on the cushions - the very idea of aniline with crosta edging is anathema to us! The mattress and headrest of the chaise longue feature ties that have visible stitching in the same color as the leather. Needless to say, the mattress and headrest are made from real leather, not crosta or fake leather. The buttons of the "Barcelona" armchair and of the beds are made using the same quality of leather as on the cushion. The belts of the "Barcelona" armchair are made from full-grain leather and, should you choose a special color of leather for the chair (i.e. a color that is not in our sample book), the belts will be supplied in the same color as the cushions. The "Bertoia" chair can be ordered either in its standard version (with just the seating cushion) or in the special (even more comfortable) version, which comes with a backrest shaped to match the curved grill of the chrome-plated back of the chair. The backrest also features stud-fastening adjusters. In addition, the seating cushion is slightly different from the original model, but still has the same central stitching.

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Wooden tables, like the "Allen" and the "Mies" table, are made with solid cherry and ash wood respectively, crafted and finished with artisan care. The Saarinen tables have a gloss lacquered pressure-cast aluminium base and a quarter-rounded "becco di civetta" top made of marble or wood, and can also be made to measure. Every component of these tables is made by a different supplier, specific to the sector. Our chairs are almost all assembled at our workshop. Hide, leather, chromium-plated structures, wood and fibreglass frameworks are carefully inspected before assembly. The Tulip chairs have a FIBREGLASS framework which does not yellow with age and does not crack in the bends, as happens with ABS, which we do not sell. The revolving mechanism is functional and quiet and the cushion is made of cold-processed polyurethane foam, which is practically un-deformable and indestructible in time.

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For the construction of sofas and armchairs (apart from those with a chromium-plated steel outer frame), we use solid poplar, deal or beech wood and a "non-upholstered" version with high-strength elastic webbing (in some cases with metal mesh) and with un-deformable polyurethane, often with differentiated density. The cushions can have different types of inner: layers of polyurethane foam covered with resin-based material or wadding (as in the case of the cushions of the 76 and 99 cm armchairs and 130 and 168 cm sofas) or with polyurethane and a layer of sterilised goose feathers upholstered with cotton canvas (as in the case of the 104 cm armchair and the 170 and 240 cm sofas). We also propose more "modern" and enveloping paddings, with the use of cushions filled with polyurethane air-cell foam bars mixed with feathers from which the rachis has been removed (as in the case of the backrest cushions of the World and Parentesi sofas). Furthermore, the categories of leather and fabric on the website are just a small part of the vast range available, and a full range of samples can be viewed at our workshop. Every single sofa can be easily customised, from the inners to the upholstery, from the stitching to the measurements.