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Chrome-plated steel flat tube frame



50  density foam

solid wood with elastic straps

Leather upholstery



59 x 58 h. 77 cm   h seat 45 cm

depth seat 42 cm    h armrest 65 cm

h backrest 34 cm



The original version of this chair , designed for the bedroom  of the Tugendhat home  in Brno, was in chrome-plated tubolar steel, upholsteredin white leather. Later this strip steel version became  more common. Mies van der Rohe designed variations of most of his pieces, in a costant striving for perfection, as testified by the countless sketches and drafts which were saved and published.

COD Version Price  
1013-SM Contract leather 410,00 € + IVA
1013-FS Grain leather 440,00 € + IVA
1013-AN Aniline leather 490,00 € + IVA


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Born in Auchen, Mies learned the fondamentals of design while working in the studios of Bruno Paul and Peter Beherens. While only a few of his projects had been realised at the time, Mies rose to fame between the wars as a member of the progressive Novembergruppe ... read more


  • Steel
  • Leather
  • Foam


Aniline leather

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Mid-grain leather

Mid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherMid-grain leatherView full color list

Contract leather

Contract leatherContract leatherContract leatherContract leatherContract leatherContract leatherView full color list