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Solid wood. Feet in black and grey lacquered beech.



50 density foam.
Leather upholstery



168 x 75 h. 71 cm  h seat  44 cm 

depth seat 56 cm   h armrest 74 cm

h backrest 30 cm  th armrest 16 cm



Baptised "Kubus" the piece reflects Hoffmann 's passion for  geometric form,wich earned his work in the nickname  "Quadratstil". The Kubus was designed for an exibition in  Buenos Aires, which is why originally only few example of this piece were made.


On sale from 13/03/2017 to 30/06/2017!

COD Version Price  
6002-SM Contract leather 1580,00 € + IVA
1264,00 € + IVA
6002-FS Grain leather 1680,00 € + IVA
1344,00 € + IVA
6002-AN Aniline leather 1830,00 € + IVA
1464,00 € + IVA


Joseph Hoffmann

A pupil under the great Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann  was one of founders of the Vienna Seccession and the Wiener Werkstätte, an association of studios and laboratories which soared to fame in the 1900s. The success of the Workstatte was based on a keen ... read more


  • Leather
  • Foam


Aniline leather

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Mid-grain leather

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Contract leather

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