The Kubus Armchair by IBFOR is the example of the Josef Hoffmann’s design, characterized by the continuous research of squared geometric shapes and also called Quadratstil. The Kubus appeared for the first time in 1910 for the preparation of an exhibition in Buenos Aires. The structure of the Kubus IBFOR armchair is made of solid wood, the body rests on four beech tree footies lacquered in black and grey. The Kubus Armchair is stuffed with rigid foam and has in its upholstery pattern its main characteristic: it is exclusively in aniline leather, frosted or printed flower and entirely made up by squares that come from the same cut of leather, which are then sewn and finished by hand.


88 x 75 h. 71 cm h seat 44 cm

depth seat 56 cm h armrest 74 cm

h backrest 30 cm th armrest 16 cm

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SMERIGLIATO leather* Mandatory filed

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88 x 75 h. 71 cm h seat 44 cm depth seat 56 cm h armrest 74 cm h backrest 30 cm th armrest 16 cm


Leather, Foam

Descrizione breve

Leather, Foam



The continuous search of the square geometric forms and the substantial reduction of the colours to the white and black are the characteristic lines of the style of Joseph Hofmann and the armchair Kubus it is a radiant example of it. The reproduction made by IBFOR proposes different personalizations in base to the colour and the covering, but in the motive to panels it faithfully mirrors the original one in classic leather conceived by the Austrian designer in 1910 for the preparation of a show to Buenos Aires. Initially few pieces were produced from there, then its production spread more always becoming a must for furnishings of luxurious insides.

The carrying structure of the armchair Kubus of IBFOR is in ingot wood, that leans on four footsies in beech tree lacquered in black and grey. The stuffing is realized in expanded foam with density 50 Kg / mc, lined in resined. The motive for the covering, exclusively in premium classic leather in the aniline, polished and printed flower versions, is entirely to panels that originate from the same cut of leather, which you/they then are sewn to hand and finished up elegantly. Despite both a piece of furniture stuffed able by itself to embellish any type of inside, the ideal combining of the armchair Kubus would be that with the Pouf Kubus, that with the armchair, apart the form, it has in common practically everything: from the structure in ingot to the covering in leather, from the characteristic motive to panels to the stuffing in expanded foam 50. IBFOR proposes it in all the variations of colour and leather available for the armchair. Both the armchair that the pouf are products that require a cleaning and a continuous attention, with products the most specific possible. On the site IBFOR is possible to find the perfect kit of cleaning for every surface or material.

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