Marcel Breuer

In 1920 Marcel Breuer left his native Hungaryto study painting at the Vienna Academy. A few months later he enrolled at the Bauhaus.
Breuer was a pioneer in the use of tubolar steel in forniture design, and his Wassily chair has rightly become a hallowed " classic".
In the 1930s he continued his expirementswith curved plywood and aluminium. In 1933 he teamed with Alfred and Emil Roth to design a series of apartments in Doldertal, near Zurich, which rapidly  became a " manifesto " of International Style. After a stint in London , he went to work with Gropius  from 1937 to 1941 in the United States.  Later he left is teaching post at Harvard University to open a studio in New York. His works include the Unesco building in Paris(1952-1958) and the Whitney Museum of American Art of New York(1966).