Terms & Conditions

The prices is include VAT. VAT is charged on the invoice at 22% to all Italian customers and to European customers without a VAT number. European customers with a VAT number will be exempted from payment of VAT in compliance with Art. 41 D.L. 331/93 and will pay VAT in their own country at the rate in force.

The prices is include VAT. VAT is charged on the invoice at 22% to all Italian customers and to European customers without a VAT number. European customers with a VAT number will be exempted from payment of VAT in compliance with Art. 41 D.L. 331/93 and will pay VAT in their own country at the rate in force.


Use the order form on the product details page or directly from the main menu, or send us an e-mail with all the details of the item you have chosen, along with your VAT number or Tax Code and delivery address. You will immediately receive an e-mail confirming receipt and an approximate delivery date.


All images of the products on the site have been photographed by IBFOR.

Some photos uploaded on the site may differ by color from the original. This is due to focus, field light, monitor and camera parameters, and video resolution.

Also applies to the colors of leather and fabric that differ in tone.

For this reason, we care to send photos of the product made to the customer in order to avoid claims or final dissatisfaction and to be able to modify the item in time.

.For some products, photos are sent by customers who are satisfied with their purchase.


The delivery times vary from item to item and must be agreed to case by case, but do not usually exceed four weeks from confirmation of the order. Delivery will be made by express delivery service, with a telephone call announcing delivery at least one day beforehand. The goods will be unloaded onto the ground. Under certain circumstances we will deliver the products directly if they are numerous, fragile or heavy. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TRANSPORT TO ANYWHERE IN ITALY. In the case of damages caused by transport, please write down all the damages you find and send us an e-mail with relative photo as soon as possible. We will collect the damaged goods and replace them at our expense.


The delivery times of our products, as specified under each item, have a minimum production time of 1-2 weeks from the order confirmation.

This does not apply to all items since some have a different production time; Which may cause a delay in delivery time, any delays will be communicated to our customer by our "IBFOR" staff.

There may be delays, not of our own, exceeding the expected 3 weeks but not later.


A fundamental step for our company is to ship our products after careful and meticulous quality control and with a solid packaging, avoiding transportation damage.

Please check the packaging and merchandise before signing the courier receipt, to protect your interest.

If the packaging was bad or the quantities not bought to order, it is mandatory to sign the courier receipt and PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

When the goods return to our warehouse, we will try as soon as possible to ship a new one for free.

NOTE: if you did not properly check the goods packaging and delivered the courier receipt, the company is NOT RESPONSIBLE.


The IBFOR site provides excellent service and correspondence for all customer inquiries.

If the customer is experiencing difficulties when receiving the goods and / or assembling it is advised to contact us directly. Assistance will provide a professional response to help solve the problem in the best possible way.

If after receiving the goods, you notice a quality problem (malfunctions, scratches, scrapes, etc.), deciding to change / return the product, please keep the original packaging and contact our service.

If the commodity exchange option is chosen, only after proper checks, we will decide whether to replace the defective merchandise / return the merchandise and compensate the shipping costs, if we consider the CUSTOMER liability damage


We need a deposit payment before delivery.

Full payment can be made some day before delivery by Paypal or bank transfer.


IBAN: IT33 O 010 3021 5070 0000 2019 160


PAYPAL ACCOUNT: info@ibfor.com


Thanks to our Assistance, Professionalism and Delivery / Retirement Services, the customer has the opportunity to change or replace the goods at no cost.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you may return the products purchased within 7 days of receipt of the products themselves. Refunds may only be made for an amount not exceeding € 1,000.00.

To have the right of withdrawal, the following rules must be observed:

A). Product should not be used.

Keep packing intact.

Ship the product "made" to the warehouse with the original packaging or pack it in the best possible way to avoid breakage during shipment.

B). Shipping costs (delivery and withdrawal), due to our quality (Assistance, Professionalism, Delivery / Pickup Service) for goods replacement, will be borne by IBFOR. (if the goods have been damaged during OUR transport / shipment. otherwise the shipping costs are borne by the CUSTOMER).

C). If the goods received, after all the customer's attention to having to perform by purchasing the product, does not satisfy the personal taste; Or the order, confirmed by the customer, is wrong, the shipping costs (delivery and withdrawal) will be borne by the CUSTOMER.

D). If the goods return to the warehouse with defects that did not appear before, but have been caused by inappropriate handling of the product, shipping costs (delivery and withdrawal) and will be paid immediately, will be incurred by the CUSTOMER.


We offer a 5-year warranty on all products, both on material and workmanship.

Payments and Shipping Conditions

- The furniture are sent all from Italy.

- The goods are coated with the "pluriball" material and packed in rigid carton, it is also mounted on special pancakes.

- NOTICE: If you notice damage to the packaging (holes, holes, dents, crushed corners, etc.) or if the inside goods were damaged, please note in the section "RESERVES" on the sheet that the carrier delivers, The damage occurred. This is to get rid of the courier.

Shipping Method

- Standard consignment With Courier EXPRESS (BRT, DHL)


Shipping Fees

1) service Messenger EXPRESSO
Our service of consignment can reach in a lot of zones of the world, with costs that can vary in base to the area. The expenses of consignments for Italy are included in the price, excluded islands.

2) withdrawal from our store / showroom.
It is possible to directly withdraw the commodity from ours store-showroom in Italy, after having viewed the quality of the produced you/he/she can be paid on the spot.